Image by James Birtwhistle.

Adventures in high visibility as “the other”, constant paranoia that gets increasingly justified, post-referendum panic, war-on-drugs PTSD, body positivity and negativity alike, identity erasure, sexual obsolescence and awakening, intimacy and lack of confidence, hate crimes and mental health. Just the general crap that each of us deal with in different ways and intersections. Coping through the power of noise, pedals, riffs, drums and infinite singalongs.

We converged through the small and yet vast artistic scene in Leicester. We come from different backgrounds, from spoken word to grindcore to indie rock to trashpop to classical noise and beyond. We got together to experiment and take our personal and collective styles to un/familiar places, hidden at the intersections.

Influences: Shangri-Las, Young Fathers, Ibeyi, Warpaint, actual warpaint, Liars, actual liars, broken bottles, carrying keychains as knuckles, pepper spray, x-rays, queer noise, pedals, communal wine, the abyss

A / C / E / L

Demo “Red Rain” available for download on Bandcamp.

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